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The CDV-700RP is a Pancake probe especially designed as a replacement for the standard beta/gamma probe from your CDV-700 survey meter in makes such as Victoreen, Lionel, or Electro-Neutronics.  As a Pancake style probe, its broad Geiger-Mueller detector surface will substantially increase the sensitivity of your CDV-700 and enable detection of Alpha, as well as low energy Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation.

The Replacement Probe is configured with a 3 prong plug and lock-screw type connection.  To swap out your standard probe, simply unscrew it from its base and pull out the old Geiger-Mueller tube.  Then plug the 3 pronged Replacement Probe in its place, and hand tighten the built-in knurled lock screw.  See the close-up photo at right of the matching connectors.

The Replacement Probe handle incorporates a black vinyl grip that is adjustable for the perfect fit on your CDV-700 meter.  Complete specifications on the CDV-700RP Replacement Probe are listed in the table below.

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Detector Geiger-Mueller tube with thin mica window
Window Thickness 1.4 to 2.0 mg/cm

Window Diameter

1.75" (45 mm)

Radiation Detected Alpha, Beta, low-energy Gamma and  X-ray
Efficiences Gamma at 3,600 CPM/mR/hr;
Beta - C-14 at 10%, Sr(Y)-90 at 35%
Operating Voltage 850 - 1000 volts; 900 optimum

Temperature Range

-25 to +50 degrees C. (-13 to 122 degrees F.)

Humidity Range 0 - 90% Relative Humidity
Probe Construction Anodized aluminum housing
Probe Diameter 2.75"
Probe Handle Length 10", including detector end
Probe Handle Grip Black vinyl, and adjustable along handle length
Connector To match Victoreen or Lionel CDV-700 meters


11.5 oz.

Warranty 1 year on probe, 90 days on GM detector; includes protective red cap over detector (in top photo)

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