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We offer 4 different models of external Probe style Geiger Counters.   Click on the links or pictures below for detailed information and specifications on each of these models:


      Prospector                   Detector              SEI Inspector EXP            CDV-700 Probe    
           $979                          $1,095                       $749                                             $279

Which Probe Model is right for me in a Geiger counter?

Prospector - A rugged unit of traditional design with a standard probe, making the unit good for general purpose use.   Detects medium and high levels of Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation to 50 mR/hr.  Price: $979

Detector - An ultra-sensitive pancake style Geiger-Mueller detector, along with an extended angled handle, make this probe ideal for contamination detection and frisking.  The Geiger-Mueller tube detects low levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation.  This probe is configured with the same traditionally styled survey meter as used in the Prospector, with readout to 50 mR/hr.  Price: $1,095

SEI Inspector EXP - As sensitive as the Detector above, because both probes use essentially the same large pancake styled Geiger-Mueller detector, but the EXP is especially configured for EMT and HAZMAT personnel, housed in a carrying case that can fasten to your belt for complete portability.  Unlike the Detector above, the Inspector EXP uses the fully digital and electronic Inspector USB Pocket Model as its survey meter, offering an LCD readout from .001 to 100 mR/hr.  Best value for the money in a pancake-tubed Probe modelPrice: $749

CDV-700 Probe Replacement - The CDV-700RP is a replacement probe only, for the Civil Defense Meter CDV-700.  This is a Pancake style Probe that will substantially increase the sensitivity of your CDV-700, enabling you to detect Alpha and Beta radiation, as well as low energy Gamma and X-radiation.  This replacement probe has a connector especially designed to plug into the existing cable on your CDV-700.  Price: $279

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