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We offer 8 very different models of Pocket Geiger Counters.   Click on the links or pictures below for detailed information and specifications on each of these models:

Standard Tubed Models:


DX-1 & DX-2            Monitor 4         Radalert 100      Digilert 200       PRM-8000
  $289 to $309         $259 to $409      $325 to $429            $469                $469    

Pancake Tubed Models:


IMI Inspector Alert     SEI Inspector USB            PRM-9000                         Onyx
          $549                           $565                              $595                              $749

Which Pocket Model is right for me?
bulletDX-1 - Detects Beta, Gamma, and X-rays on an analog meter to 10 mR/hr.  An affordable and simple to use Geiger counter for general purposes or for the hobbyist - adequate for a basic determination of whether or not something is radioactive.  Price: $289
bulletDX-2 - Identical to the DX-1, but with a higher ranging meter, up to 100 mR/hr. If you want to not only detect radioactivity, but also to quantify higher levels, for instance at 15 mR/hr versus 60 mR/hr, then the DX-2 would be preferable to the DX-1.  Price: $309
bulletMonitor 4 - An excellent all-around pocket Geiger counter that detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays up to 50 mR/hr, and offers switchable operating ranges.  Likely to appeal to those seeking a "retro" look and function.   Best value for the money in a traditional analog metered pocket model.  Price: $369
bulletMonitor 4 Kit - For those who want to save money off the factory built and calibrated Monitor 4, and who also enjoy building electronic kits from scratch.  Price: $259
bulletMonitor 4EC - A specialized version of the Monitor 4, with an energy compensated Geiger-Mueller tube that offers a more accurate linear reading for Gamma and X-rays (above 40 keV), making the EC model especially suitable for checking X-Ray machines for leaksPrice - $409
bulletMC1K - Another specialized version from the Monitor 4 line that offers Gamma and X-Ray detection at very high levels, up to 1,000 mR/hrPrice - $365
bulletRadalert 100X - An excellent all-around pocket Geiger counter that detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays up to 110 mR/hr, but does so with a digital readout instead of an analog meter.   Digital readouts are recommended for low level radiation detection and quantification.  The Radalert is comparable in sensitivity to the Monitor 4, but offers a user-adjustable audible alert.  It also has a mode for accumulating Total Counts, making it very easy to establish a background radiation level.  The Radalert incorporates a data port for output to a computer, along with optional software.  Price: $429
bulletRad 100 - A more affordable version of the Radalert 100X for those who do not need the user adjustable audible alert feature.  Best value for the money in an all around digital pocket model.  Price: $325
bulletDigilert 200 - Features an operating range to 200 mR/hr, backlit display, on-board memory supporting true data logging, USB connectivity with included cable, along with free downloadable Observer software (Note: Observer software is not compatible with our Radiation Network).  Price: $469
bulletPRM-8000 - This instrument should generally be compared to the Radalert/Digilert series, in that it uses the same standard GM tube capable of detecting Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-Rays, reading out also in a digital LCD display.  The PRM-8000 detects up to 200 mR/hr, and also offers internal memory and data logging.  Power efficiency is superb, with  long-life alkaline battery lasting 3 years.  Like the Radalert, the PRM also incorporates a Timed Count feature, an audible Alert, and data port for optional software.  Price: $469
bulletIMI Inspector Alert - From the Inspector line, among the most sensitive pocket Geiger counters available, a very popular unit, and perhaps the best hand-held unit ever.  Its oversized pancake styled Geiger-Mueller tube detects the lowest levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays, making it suitable for higher sensitive applications such as checking food for radioactive contamination (subject to qualifications - click on link).  Plus, the Inspector offers a digital readout to 110 mR/hr, has an adjustable Total/Timer to set sampling periods, and a data port for output to a computer, along with optional software.  Offers the same user-adjustable audible alert as in the Radalert 100.  Comes with an excellent and thorough Operating Manual in printed booklet form.  Best value for the money in a pancake-tubed model.  Price: $549
bulletSEI Inspector USB - Successor to the popular Inspector+, this newly launched model retains all of the excellent features of the Inspector+, but like the Digilert 200, adds a backlit display, on-board memory and true data logging, USB connectivity with included cable, and free downloadable Observer software (Note: Observer software is not compatible with our Radiation Network.).  An additional feature that might appeal to scientists  - the Inspector USB will calculate isotope efficiencies when those isotopes are known in advance (Note: Does not identify isotopes.).  Price: $565
bulletPRM-9000 - Almost identical to its PRM-8000 predecessor, but fitted with the same ultra-sensitive pancake-style GM tube as in the Inspector.  The PRM models offer more displayable statistical data than the Inspector line, including a running Average count, a Minimum and Maximum, along with optional readout in uR/hr.  Like the 8000, the PRM-9000 features an incredibly long battery life.  Price: $595
bulletOnyx - Perhaps the most compact, pancake-tubed model for a fully featured Geiger counter, and with a 21st Century design.  This device almost feels and looks like a high quality smart phone, and like that, uses a touch sensitive keypad, is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, and is geared for social media interaction.  The Onyx also offers internal memory and data logging, and graphing of radiation levels on its high quality OLED display.  Integrates with a number of software applications.  Beyond its stellar performance, the Onyx definitely exudes the "cool" factor.   Price: $749

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