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The Detector, comprised of the Model 3007A Traditional Geiger Counter configured with the Model 360 External Pancake Probe, is designed for general contamination detection and frisking, and at an ultra sensitive level. 

The base unit of the Model 3007A itself is a portable, hand-held survey meter providing three operating ranges reading on a dual scale up to 50 mR/hr or 30,000 CPM (optional readout available in uSv/hr and CPS).  See the close-up picture below, also noting the battery check feature at the right end of the gauge.

The survey meter incorporates a sealed, splash proof speaker which produces the audible clicks.  The speaker is powered by a separate 9-volt battery and can be turned off in case the meter is inadvertently left on, preserving the other "D" batteries to continue operating the meter itself.

The instrument includes a 3 foot straight cable with BNC/BNC fittings for connecting the survey meter to the probe. Although of a traditional design, the Model 3007A Survey Meter is a fully modern unit, with completely redesigned and up to date transistorized electronics, and with calibration at the factory in accordance with industry standards.  Select the navigation button above, or click here for detailed Specifications on the Model 3007A Survey Meter.

The Model 360 Pancake Probe, shown cradled in the meter’s handle above, and rotated upside down to display the pancake detector, is designed for general purpose contamination monitoring.  The long angled handle facilitates frisking surfaces in difficult locations without contaminating hands or gloves. 

The broad pancake detector, combined with its close proximity to the front surface of the probe, gives excellent efficiency for Alpha and weak Betas, and provides sensitivity to low energy Gamma and X-radiation.  In specific, the large area thin mica window, with a thickness of only 1.8 to 2.0 mg/cm², allows detection of Alpha radiation as low as 3.0MeV when in close proximity to the window, Beta radiation in excess of 35keV, and X-ray or Gamma radiation greater than 6keV.  Click on this link or the navigation button above for detailed Specifications on the Model 360 Pancake Probe.

This product typically ships within 2 business days.  Specify below between standard readout in mR/hr and CPM, or alternate readout in uSv/hr and CPS.

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